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Halloween Makeup: Werewolf Victim

Rather than trying to mix a color to match my skin tone, I figured I’d just use my normal foundation. That would have been a great idea, except that I forgot that my normal foundation is actually quite sheer. Considering the appliance is several shades lighter than my actual skin, I had to really build up the foundation to make it look seamless, and it took forever. Next time I’ll use a full coverage foundation or take the time to mix up some paint.

Tags: werewolves, halloween, halloween costumes, tutorials, geeky girl glam

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Allison Emm

Allison Emm is a writer, illustrator, and handmade soap enthusiast hailing from Boulder, CO. She is fond of bookish and ruggedly handsome mountain men, blue spruce trees, birds of prey, starships, and yarn. See more of her high jinks at, and follow her on Twitter @Allison_Emm.

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