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Halloween Makeup: Werewolf Victim

Rather than trying to mix a color to match my skin tone, I figured I’d just use my normal foundation. That would have been a great idea, except that I forgot that my normal foundation is actually quite sheer. Considering the appliance is several shades lighter than my actual skin, I had to really build up the foundation to make it look seamless, and it took forever. Next time I’ll use a full coverage foundation or take the time to mix up some paint.

Tags: werewolves, halloween, halloween costumes, tutorials, geeky girl glam

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Allison Emm

Allison Emm is a writer, illustrator, and handmade soap enthusiast hailing from Boulder, CO. She is fond of bookish and ruggedly handsome mountain men, blue spruce trees, birds of prey, starships, and yarn.

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