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Kanye West is a Closet Geek!

Kanye West is a Closet Geek!

Kanye West is a man who bases his identity and pride on the “coolness” of his swag. He is a creative genius, and if you don’t believe that, just ask him. He’ll tell you! What Kanye won’t tell you, however, is that he also has some very nerdy roots. It may sound unlikely, but here at The Mindhut, we believe that every man has a geek in his heart. We don’t mean in a weird “small-man controlling our robot body” sort of way… unless you’re into that? In which case, we have our suspicions too and we’ll talk later. But for now, what we’re saying is that, deep down every person has nerdy traits. We will test that theory by peering through a personality microscope at “cool” Yeezy, Kanye West.

To begin, everybody knows that while nerds are categorized as intellectually advanced, they’re also often considered to be very socially inept. This social awkwardness is usually endearing. In Kanye’s case, it is enraging. The most prominent example would be his infamous incident with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA awards.

While President Obama publically declared that this interruption was the action of a “jackass,” it was actually much more representative of a socially repressed nerd.

So if his actions are nerdy, Kanye will at least argue that his image is cool. Ye considers himself not just a rapper, but also a fashion trendsetter. Amongst his revolutionary designs is a plain white “Hip Hop Tee-shirt” which fans can buy online for a very reasonable $125. When he first came into fame, Kanye was also known for flaunting his signature pink polos. This is a look that is not entirely original, but rather recycled from the comically nerdy Carlton Banks.

And although Kanye tries to be more like Carlton’s cool cousin, Will Smith, even his own lyrics occasionally let some geekiness slide through. In the popular song "Gone," Kanye makes an ultimate geek reference to Star Wars by singing:

“But if they ever flip sides like Anakin/ You'll sell everything includin the mannequin!”

If that Star Wars reference isn’t a KO punch to Kanye’s “cool” persona, the following argument definitely is. Fellow entertainer and self-proclaimed nerd Donald Glover said in his Comedy Central Standup Special that:

“Strange specific stuff, is what makes a nerd a nerd.
 If you like strange specific stuff that’s a nerd, okay? 
Kanye West is a black nerd! He likes strange specific stuff.
 If you go up to Kanye West and say, “Hey, what are your favorite things?” 
he’ll be like: “Robots and Teddy Bears! ”
That’s a nerd.”

So, if Kanye West has all these nerdy traits, why does nobody pick up on them? The answer is that it’s all a matter of delivery. Kanye’s obnoxious arrogance often overshadows his geeky interests. But, when presented by geek-friendly singer Josh Groban, Kanye’s words suddenly become a lot more likable.

And now to look into how we fire that little man who’s controlling Kanye from the inside…

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