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The MindHut Build Your Own Star Trek Phaser Challenge!

The MindHut Build Your Own Star Trek Phaser Challenge!

Attention all Masterminds! Break out your glue guns and duct tape. Dust off your Legos and knitting needles. If you've got the DIY gene, we invite you to join us over the next month in making your very own version of a Star Trek phaser. Why Star Trek? We are aware that we have a lot of Trek fans on the site and we wanted to show them some love. Why a phaser? With five television series (six counting the animated one) and twelve movies, there are an awful lot of phasers to choose from, and as long as you've been a geek sometime in the last half century, odds are you already have your own favorite version of Star Trek.

We don't care if you are a full-time professional prop-maker or an absolute construction-paper-and-crayons n00b--we want to see what kind of maker skills you've got! Maybe you want to carve a really accurate phaser out of wood or sculpt one out of clay. Maybe you want to be a little more out there and sew a plush phaser or create an entirely edible phaser out of foods. Maybe you want to blow our minds with some creative medium we haven't even considered. The choice is yours and we are dying to see what you create!

There's not much in the way of limits on this challenge, either. You can make your phaser any way you like. You can submit as many as you want. On November 15th we'll go through all the submissions and choose our favorites to put in a slideshow for the site. In order to make a submission, just email one or more photos of your phaser along with a sentence or two about how you made it to:

If you have any questions about the challenge, just post them in the comments. Happy making!

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