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Most Under Appreciated Geeky Channels on YouTube

Most Under Appreciated Geeky Channels on YouTube

We here at The MindHut know that we aren't the only game in town for great geeky gun on the interwebz. In fact, some of the geekiest stuff out there is right under your nose on YouTube. Buried underneath all the Katy Perry videos and clips of cats falling off of boxes is a nerdy treasure trove just waiting to be plundered. Let us be your guide to the most under appreciated geeky channels on YouTube!


This guy is a true blue, geekity-geek geek. There's no faking it here. His tech is about as lo-fi as it gets, but that's just part of the charm. In this video, he makes a compelling comparison between Superman and free market capitalism. Sound like a stretch? Or controversial? Perhaps. But you can't say he isn't passionate!


Two geek girls in geek glam jamming out to geek anthems! What channel could possibly be better fitted for this list? What’s even more impressive is that in Thorsday, Gemeni managed to not only celebrate Thor, but also simultaneously mock Rebecca Black. You go girls!

#3 - RIOT

With nearly 40,000 subscribers, the RIOT channel is hardly a well-kept secret. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t underappreciated! Considering the amount of geeky and hilarious flashmobs these guys coordinate, they should have well over 400,000 subscribers and permanent spot in the Internet Hall of Geek Fame! Just take a minute to explore their channel, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Along with the above batman flashmob, RIOT has also been responsible for Marvel and Mortal Kombat dance parties in NYC along with a zombie version of The Harlem Shake!


This is another channel with a healthy amount of subscribers, yet not nearly what they deserve. The Nerd Machine should be a staple in every geek’s daily YouTube viewing diet. They score interviews with some big-name actors and get the inside scoop on Hollywood’s geekiest exports like Doctor Who, Kick Ass 2, and more!


Our final pick for this list is a song you should wake up to every morning. Ben Johnston is geeky and he knows it! For providing this geek pride anthem, he earned the number one spot on our list. Also, if you browse his other videos you’ll find some everyday dubstep and a beatboxer named Hobbit.

What other geeky YouTube channels do you enjoy?

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