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KA-BLAM! A History of Apocalyptic Art

"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" by Viktor Vasnetsov, completed in 1887. Note that there appears to be a My Little Pony chilling out under a rainbow at the top of this painting. So random. Anyway, something very important was going on during the period Vasnetsov painted this beauty, and it was called THE INDUSTRIAL FREAKING REVOLUTION (caps optional). The advent of modern technology really changed how artists imagined the apocalypse, and their visions shifted from the mythological and religious interpretations to the possibility of technological collapse. So from now on, we're only going to see the modern incarnations of Doomsday art. You Masterminds ready for that?

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Becky Ferreira is a writer, performer, and raptor based in New York.

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