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QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Heroine Are You?

QUIZ: Which Horror Movie Heroine Are You?

The Final Girl. The horror movie trope that remains the gold standard—and with good reason! Masterminds, we know that you know and love horror movies, the scarier the better. You’re a horror movie trivia champ and you’ve got the skills to prove it. But which horror movie heroine do you most admire? Which scream queen would you secretly hope would help you out in the event some psycho in a creepy mask was stalking your neighborhood? Which Final Girl has you cheering the loudest as she triumphs over evil?  Take our fun and fang-tastic (sorry!) quiz and find out which horror movie heroine you are. Time to kick some bad guy ass!

Your current locale is:

A) Somewhere no one can hear you scream

B) The Midwest

C) Small-town California

D) At home, dealing with your slightly crazy mom


Your best friend is:

A) Fuzzy, orange and amiable

B) Distracted by boys

C) Short, sassy and hilarious

D) Has a worse home life situation than you


Your mom:

 A) Is someone you don’t know

B) Adopted you

C) Died a year ago

D) Is frequently drunk


Your hidden talent is:

A) Tech Wiz

B) Escape Artist

C) A Mean Right Hook

D) Boobytrap Expert


Current pressing issues are brought on by:

A) Having to travel for work

B) A Long lost family

C) Your Mother’s legacy

D) Your parents’ less than stellar solution to a personal problem.


You would describe yourself as:

A) Seemingly Fearless

B) A Responsible A+ Student

C) Not Afraid Of Confrontation

D) Thriving Under Pressure


Your dream job is:

 A) Something that lets me travel

B) Teacher

C) Actress

D) Therapist


Your greatest vice is:

 A) Curiosity

B) Secrecy

C) Bad Boys

D) Coffee


Your biggest pet peeve is:

 A) Corporate B.S.

B) Family Reunions

C) Prank phone calls

D) Adults who call you a liar


Your defining characteristic is:

 A) Badass

B) Troubled

C) Survivor

D) Tenacious



MOSTLY As: You’re Ellen Ripley from Alien! You’re tough enough to go up against the scariest horror movie monsters in history—and survive! You don’t like being alone on your missions, though, so you’ll probably bring your cat along so when your fellow crew members die terrifying and horrific deaths you’ll still have company on the long voyage home!


MOSTLY Bs: You’re Laurie Strode from Halloween! You’re an A+ student and an A+ survivor. No unscheduled family reunion with your murderous older brother with OCD issues and an affinity for butcher knives is going to ruin your life. You’re quick thinking, fast acting, and can survive almost any perilous situation!


MOSTLY Cs: You’re Sidney Prescott from Scream! Your mom was murdered a year ago, your creepy boyfriend is pressuring you to do the deed, and you keep getting prank calls from some horror-movie obsessed lunatic. You don’t take crap from anyone—not even some messed-up psycho in a ghost mask who’s been knocking off your classmates one-by-one. You may be scared, stressed out, and pushed to your limits, but you’ll pull through because you’re a survivor!


MOSTLY Ds: You’re Nancy Thompson from A Nightmare On Elm Street! You may look girly and defenseless on the outside, but on the inside lies a dream warrior ready to go head-to-head with the one they call Fred! You’re also a booby-trap wiz, being that your casual reading choices are more along the lines of Booby Traps and Anti-Personnel Devices than Cosmo. You may have a wee bit of a caffeine addiction, but that comes with the territory!


Who’s your favorite horror heroine?

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