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ENDER'S GAME QUIZ: Which Army Do YOU Belong In?

ENDER'S GAME QUIZ: Which Army Do YOU Belong In?


The time is drawing near, recruits. Ender’s Game opens in theaters and IMAX on Thursday night at 8pm, just a handful of days away, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to enroll in Battle School! But before you become the next Mazer Rackham, you first have to pledge allegiance to an army. Are you a Phoenix? Perhaps you see yourself as more of a Dragon? Or maybe, even, a Rat! Not sure which color your barracks should be? You could send a quick letter to Colonel Graff for his opinion, but we have a feeling he's a little busy trying to figure out how to rid the solar system of buggers. Instead, take our Ender's Game Army Quiz and you'll be ready for the Battle Room before you can say "Locke and Demosthenes."

1. A friend asks you for help suiting up, but you're already running late for a battle simulation. You:
a) Tell them to figure it out on their own. No help for newbies!
b) Stop and assist. It's all about teamwork.
c) Help them out, but remember: this is battle school. Every person for themselves.
d) Don't even have your own suit on yet!

2. If someone were to look in your barracks locker, they would find:
a) An impeccably tidy space. And perhaps a journal with notes on how to foil the plans of every other army.
b) Only the necessities. And courage.
c) A locket from your friend who happens to be in an opposing army.
d) Gum wrappers, dirty socks, and a four day old, half-eaten sandwich.

3. If you had a weekend free from Battle School, you would:
a) Spend it obsessively looking for holes in the other armies' plans/recruits.
b) Spend it obsessively practicing battle simulations over and over and over and over and...
c) Visit family and try to decompress.
d) Hit the closest all you can eat pizza buffet and play video games until you fell asleep in your underwear.

4. In one word, you would describe your own personality as:
a) Pragmatic
b) Honorable
c) Fair
d) Unorganized

5. Your favorite meal is:
a) Shoulder, served cold.
b) A protein bar, kale juice, and maybe a dried apricot for dessert.
c) Warm stew with fresh baked bread and chocolate chip cookies.
d) Everything together in one bowl, eaten with hands.

6. If you designed a "Keep Calm" t-shirt, it would say:
a) Keep Calm and Submit to My Control
b) Keep Calm and Work, Work, Work
c) Keep Calm and Don't Be a Jerk
d) Keep Calm and Hire a Maid

If you answered mostly A's, then you are Salamander Army. Run by the ruthless Bonzo Madrid, Salamander will do anything and everything to eliminate anyone that they think makes them look second best. You will do anything to succeed. Watch out, because your own appetite for first place can also be your downfall.

If you answered mostly B's, then you are Dragon Army. This is the army that Ender finally lands in after many transfers, and is the final army that Ender is in charge of, steeped in determination and hard work. You know that the best results come when you try, try, try again. Just make sure you take a break every once in a while, too!

If you answered mostly C's, then you are Phoenix Army. Ender's friend, Petra, eventually became the commander of her own army and eventually had to square off against Ender when he was given his own army. You value friendship, but know that sometimes friends don't always agree. Or are even on the same side.

If you answered mostly D's, then you are Rat Army. Helmed by Rose de Nose, this army is a total and complete mess. Their barracks are "rumpled, cluttered, and noisy." That being said, they still get the job done. You may seem unorganized and a hot mess to many, but deep down you know what you're doing... which you use often to your advantage.

What army are you in?

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