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The Best Movies To Watch on Halloween


Horror maestro Wes Craven is responsible for many bone-chilling greats from Scream to The Hills Have Eyes and more, but his greatest achievement remains the truly surreal Nightmare on Elm Street. If you're more familiar with the increasingly tongue in cheek sequels than the original, then the first may surprise you. It's definitely not played for laughs, and has a dream-like bleakness that few other films achieve. And has there ever been a more terrifying serial killer than Freddy Krueger, a horribly mutilated, razor clawed child murdering psychopath that kills you in your dreams? And btw, once again we have to say, the original is totally sucky, and if you happen to come across a copy of it you should just stick it in a blender or set it on fire — like Freddy Krueger!

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