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The Sparkitors Review the World's Grossest Candy: Japanese Candy is Magic!

Josh says: Guys, this was the greatest candy experience of my life. I’m not even going to bury the lead here. Putting this stuff together was like playing with a chemistry set. And then eating it was SUPER fun. YOU GUYS, THE WHITE DUST TURNED INTO SQUISHY CANDY RICE. AND THE RED DUST TURNED INTO SQUISHY CANDY TUNA. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING!?!?! Was it the greatest tasting candy ever? No. But guess what? That’s not the point! It was amazing! I want all the real sushi in the world to transform into Japanese candy sushi now! MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED. A++++

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Melissa Albert

Melissa Albert reads books, worries about other people’s dogs (they look thirsty), and eats horrible candy for fun and profit. When not wearing her extremely tasteful Sparkitor hat, she’s an editor for the Barnes & Noble Book Blog. You can find her on Twitter @mimi_albert, or in the hot pretzel section of your local cafeteria.

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