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Mindhut's Definitive Guide To Female Horror Movie Directors


Wha? There was a Carrie 2? Why yes there was! Way way back in the early 90's indie film veteran Katt Shea re-visited the horror classic with a tale of yet another ostracized telekinetic teen that's pushed to the brink. Is it worth checking out? If you're a die hard horror fan or simply a fan of the original than it may be essential viewing, but the film does suffer from some noticeable budgetary restraints. Carrie 2 is not Shea's only journey into horror territory though, she made a name for herself with Poison Ivy, a dark psychological thriller that re-introduced a more mature Drew Barrymore to 90s audiences as well as Dance of the Damned, an inventive low budget vampire film that Shea is currently in the process of remaking.

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