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25 Geeky Nail Art Designs for Halloween

Kayleigh O’Connor


As you're making your final decisions about what to wear for Halloween this year, don’t forget that you can do more than wear a great costume. Why not dress up your nails for the holiday too?

“Halloween is a great excuse to experiment with nail art. It can act as a fun nod to the occasion without having to go all out in fancy dress, or if you are dressing up it can add another dimension to your costume,” Kayleigh O’Connor told The MindHut. “You could choose to go grotesque, or cheeky and understated, that's what's fun about nail art this time of year, nothing is off limits, you can just let your imagination run wild.”

We’ve shown you some of O'Connor's amazing nerdy nail art before, but here are some of her fantastic designs that would be perfect for Halloween along with some tips on how to get inspired this year.

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