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5 Classic Cartoons That Are Totally Insane

5 Classic Cartoons That Are Totally Insane

Just when you think you've seen some of today's craziest cartoon shows, the animated oddities from the industry’s golden age pretty much give all of them a run for their mass-marketed money. Oscillating from bizarre to completely mental, it makes us wonder what exactly was going through animators’ heads back in the day (maybe they were tired and overworked?). Prepare to bid logic and reason farewell with five classic cartoons that are totally insane!

1) “Bimbo’s Initiation”

We learned at a young age that if a random kook stops you in the middle of the street, extending an open invitation into their cult, it’s in your best interest to say no and keep on walking. Oh, if only cartoon logic were that simple. In “Bimbo’s Initiation,” we find the titular doggish humanoid running a hellish gauntlet of psychological and physical tortures. All this because an order of Snuggie-wearing beardos got their feelings hurt over his refusal to join their—we assume—foul-smelling ranks.

2) “Swing You Sinners!”

Hey now, don’t you be lying to us! There had to have been that moment in your life when you contemplated stealing a chicken or two... or a thousand. Good thing you didn’t act on that impulse, because hen-snatching—according to “Swing You Sinners!”—is a capital, unforgivable offense in the eyes of that head honcho in the sky. There are even rumors of a missing canto from Dante’s Inferno wherein the poet describes, in lucid detail, the tortures that have befallen those guilty of chicken thievery (of which likely inspired this cartoon, if not loosely).

3) “The Fresh Vegetable Mystery”

“The Fresh Vegetable Mystery,” initially at least, is a whimsical, clever caper that unexpectedly devolves into an overt commentary on wrongful accusation and tortuous police brutality that would make Jigsaw from the Saw flicks stand up and cheer (and jot down plenty of notes). Things only get more visceral when the officers of the potato police force chase their quarry throughout the kitchen, getting waffle-ironed, peeled, and beaten within an inch of their starchy lives with their own nightsticks. Never will we be able to look at a potato without being reminded of this demented piece of animation! Ooh, curly fries!

4) “Minnie the Moocher”

“Minnie the Moocher” is a very interesting, and terrifyingly trippy, cartoon featuring music and dance by legendary blues singer and bandleader Cab Calloway. But somewhere along in its production an animator thought that if there’s any animal that can best represent the fluidity of Calloway’s dance style, it’s the walrus—one of the most graceful, majestic beasts on the planet. And while this crazy train’s moving, why not make him a ghost walrus? Because we all know they’re able to walk both the physical and spiritual planes post-death (didn’t you watch that documentary on BBC America?).

5) “Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!”

We’re not even going to say it yet, we’ll wait for you to pick up on anything... familiar. Did... did you see it? How ‘bout now? Foxy bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain mouse with an affinity for walking about shirtless, yes? Created by former Disney animator Rudolf Ising—which explains plenty—Foxy went on to star in a handful of cartoons that sometimes mirrored Walt Disney’s earlier works. “Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!” for example is a blatant ripoff of an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short called “Trolley Troubles.” How's that old saying go again? Ah yes, in for a penny, in for a pound!

What’s your favorite cartoon character?

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