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The Five Geek Meccas Every DnDer Should Visit

The Five Geek Meccas Every DnDer Should Visit

Are you nerd, geek or dweeb with serious passion for what is true and honorable in the geeking world? Then save up some Bitcoins and make a pilgrimage to one of these awesome "geek meccas" from around the world.

Akihabara - Tokyo, Japan

Set in Tokyo’s historic electronics district, Akihabara is a geek's Valhalla, filled with videogames, pop-culture collectibles, anime, toys and “maid cafes,” where girls in cosplay outfits serve you tea. Looking to change your identity  and leave your old life behind? This is the perfect place, sensei.

San Diego Comic Con - San Diego, CA

Staged in San Diego, 125,000 nerds file into the the southern California city's epic convention center each year to check out the latest anime, buy rare comic books and come face-to-face with geek gods like Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Megan Fox (LOL). It's where the biggest nerd news is revealed every year and a "must-travel-to" for any cosplayer worth their felt.

International Center For The History of Electronic Games - Rochester, NY

The ICHEG has the largest collection of video games, console games, arcade games, board games, handheld games than any other place in the world, with of 50,000 pieces and counting. Wow. If your girlfriend thinks you have too many games, definitely take her here.

Atari's E.T. Burial Site - Alamogordo, NM

In 1982, Warner Bro Communications and Atari paid $20 millions dollars to make an game based off Steven Speilberg's (at the time) upcoming movie E.T. However, since they wanted the game released at the same time as the movie, they had to rush the production and managed to put out the worst video game of all time. It sold only 1.5 million copies of the 5 million manufactured, and the rest was buried in a landfill in the middle of the desert.

Funspot Family Entertainment Center - Laconia, NH

Funspot is the largest arcade in America, boasting over 500 games, a mini-golf center, a 20-lane bowling alley, a bingo parlor, a restaurant and even a tavern. Man, you could live there! It's also the location of the epic finale to the video game documentary King of Kong, so you can relive all the barrel-throwing excitement from the movie.

Where is your geek mecca?

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