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11 Things We Probably WON'T See in "The Day of the Doctor"

11 Things We Probably WON'T See in "The Day of the Doctor"

Like the oncoming storm of the Doctor himself, the BBC finally dropped two trailers over the weekend for the mega-anticipated 50th anniversary special episode of Doctor Who; “The Day of the Doctor.” Full of ominous lines, familiar faces, explosions and our favorite catch-phrases, the trailers are plenty to get even the most casual Whovian psyched for the celebratory episode. And yet, with all the nostalgia for Who orbiting the zeitgeist, there are a few things we definitely, maybe, will not see in the now-just-two-weeks-away special. For Doctor Who fans, here’s a wish list that will probably remain unfulfilled.

11. Susan Foreman

William Hartnell’s 1st Doctor traveled with his granddaughter, Susan Foreman. And while we kind of glimpsed her for a second in “The Name of the Doctor,” last season, the likelihood that there will be a cameo from her is pretty low, mostly because the idea of the Doctor having a family is always quietly side-stepped to avoid getting us too confused.

10. The Doctor’s House/Where He Grew Up

Though “The Day of the Doctor” seems to be taking us back to his home planet of Gallifrey during the Time War, it’s unlikely we’ll get to see much of the personal things of the Doctor before he “choose” his name. We saw his little crib in “A Good Man Goes to War,” and again in “Journey to the Heart of the TARDIS,” but for some reason, this seems like all we’ll see from the Time Lord’s childhood.

9. A Doctor without a sonic screwdriver

Many of the classic Doctors didn’t rely on the sonic screwdriver as much as the post 2005 incarnations have, leading many cranky, older fans to complain he uses it too much. Because John Hurt’s secret Doctor seems to be placed between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccelston, it would make sense he wouldn’t use the sonic as much. But all the press materials seem to show him sporting some kind of old-school sonic screwdriver. The 5th Doctor may have gone “hands free,” but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

8. K-9

I just really doubt it, which is too bad. Robot dogs totally belong in a 50th anniversary special of any show. Period.

7. Old school companions who are NOT named Rose Tyler

While you’ve got to be a crazy person not to love Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler, the fact she’s the only “older” companion showing up is a little said. Captain Jack? Doubtful? River Song? The Ponds???! What about 70’s and 80’s people like Ace or Peri? Am we the only ones who remembers them?

6. References to the “Cloned” 10th Doctor

In the 4th seasons’ “Journey’s End,” the 10th Doctor sort of got cloned into a half-human/half-time lord person. This is the version who went off with Rose to the alternate universe to be together and happy forever. For some reason, I suspect the incarnation of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor in this episode will be regular 10th Doctor, albeit, well before he meets Donna Noble, Martha Jones, or a new version of the Master.

5. The Master

No way. They’ve already got the Zygons and the Daleks, plus if you count John Hurt’s weird/mean Doctor as a villain, that’s too many bad guys. As much as we all want to see SOME version of the Master, it’s really, really unlikely.

4. Dinosaurs

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, why put this on the list? Well, Doctor Who is primarily about time travel, and yet, there’s very few dinosaurs. Sure, we saw a few pternadons in “The Wedding of River Song,” and dinosaurs are kind of important way back in the 5th Doctor story “Earthshock,” and then there were a ton in last year’s “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” but I doubt they’ll show up here. Problem? We just like dinosaurs.

3. Matt Smith’s old costume

Matt’s pseudo-hipster Victorian thing with the waistcoat is cool, but we miss the tweed. At least he still has those awesome boots.

2. The Weeping Angels

Which is probably a good thing. Let’s face it, they’ve been sort of less and less scary since their first appearance in “Blink.” It would be weird to have them randomly show up in this episode. Though, if Carrie Mulligan’s Sally Sparrow came with them… that would be… fantastic!

1. Christopher Eccleston

Speaking of fantastic, the number one thing we will definitely, definitely not see is Christopher Eccleston. This, to me, is the elephant in the room with “The Day of the Doctor.” It seems clear to me the episode was written with the idea of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors teaming up, but because they couldn’t get Eccleston to do it, this “secret” Doctor was invented. It’s too bad, too. Christopher Eccleston was totally responsible for re-launching the character back in 2005, and we wouldn’t be having any fun conversations about Doctor Who, if his 9th Doctor hadn’t been so great. It’s the one thing I’m sort of sad about with “The Day of the Doctor,” the one version of the character we most associate with RECENT nostalgia, and the Time War, will likely be absent.

What things are you hoping to see in “The Day of the Doctor,” but fear you might not get?

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