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The BBC Releases A Surprise Short: Day of The Doctor!

The BBC Releases A Surprise Short: Day of The Doctor!

The BBC is just chock full of surprises, because yesterday, like a Tardis emerging suddenly from a wormhole, they dropped an unannounced internet short entitled "Night Of The Doctor." featuring an unexpected but very welcome face—that of Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor! The short marks just the second time McGann has reprised his Doctor role since the end of his tenure in 1996, and is a prequel of sorts to the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

The story features McGann attempting to rescue a female pilot who's faltering spaceship is quickly hurdling towards the planet Karn. There, he encounters the mysterious Sisterhood (who believe his arrival has been prophesized) and aid in his transformation into The War Doctor, played by celebrated British actor John Hurt. Hurt's War Doctor will play a prominent role in the "50th Anniversary Special: Day of The Doctor," which is said to be a "love letter to the fans" by the show's producers, featuring tons of surprises and the infusion of obscure references and characters from the show's complex fifty year history. "Night of the Doctor" is crammed with all sorts of Easter eggs as well, many that only the most diehard Who-storians might catch, including the mention of several obscure companions that have only been incorporated into radio drama versions of the series. Here's a handy dandy roundup of those references that might go over your fez. Many went over ours, in spite of the fact that we consider ourselves hardcore Whovians. How many did you spot?

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