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The Sparkitors Review the World's Grossest Food: WE ATE BUGS

Let's get this over with: we ate bugs. "The delicious gummy kind?" you ask. To which we say, No, you beautiful, beautiful fool. Not the gummy kind.

Are we ready to talk about the events of November 14? No, we are not. Are we going to anyway? Yes, because we hope you'll feel so sorry for us you'll send s'mores. Let's get this over with.

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About the Author
Melissa Albert

Melissa Albert reads books, worries about other people’s dogs (they look thirsty), and eats horrible candy for fun and profit. When not wearing her extremely tasteful Sparkitor hat, she’s an editor for the Barnes & Noble Book Blog. You can find her on Twitter @mimi_albert, or in the hot pretzel section of your local cafeteria.

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