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7 Disney-inspired Fashions for Winter

Leslie Kay


It may still be awhile before the first day of winter, but the cold weather is already here! As you start incorporating some warmer styles into your wardrobe, why not get creative with your outfits? If you’re a Disney geek, we suggest giving “disneybounding” a try!

“DisneyBounding” is when you wear outfits inspired by Disney characters. Leslie Kay created the Tumblr DisneyBound, “where fashion geeks and Disney nerds collide,” and has put together thousands of outfits inspired by characters both old and new. She has ensembles that would work for any occasion, and any season!

We asked Kay to share with us her top 7 DisneyBound outfits for winter, and to start she suggested this ensemble inspired by Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

“With holiday parties just around the corner, try reaching for a faux fur accent instead of the usual sequins and glitter,” Kay said. “Bring back that classic Hollywood look with a faux fur coat, or go for something a little less over the top with a faux fur clutch.”

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