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Peter Pan as a Girl!

Illustration by Marion Bordeyne


Peter Pan is a classic story with unforgettable characters. Now those characters are even more unforgettable thanks to a twist given to them by French artist Marion Bordeyne.

Bordeyne, who is also known as Galaxyspeaking, has gender-swapped the residents of Neverland and posted the illustrations on her Tumblr. While in movie and stage adaptations of Peter Pan the main character is often played by a woman, the character and its associates always remained male until now.

“I have always liked Disney's Peter Pan. The meaning of the story kind of resonates with the way I feel at the moment,” Bordeyne told The MindHut. “I'm currently studying animation, and I'll be graduating this year, and I feel like I'm not ready to be a grown up artist, yet I'm still curious about it!”

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