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Bad Guys Who Had Good Intentions

Bad Guys Who Had Good Intentions

Bad guys only want to do bad things, right? Wrong! Did you even read the title to this article? Geez, some people…

Anyway, it is our opinion that some bad guys are simply misunderstood. Sure there are those who only desire to hear the screams of the innocent as they bath in their blood, but there are others who did not chose to become evil, but rather became evil by accident. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If that’s the case than these villains are all too familiar with that road (they also say the road to spoilers is paved with spoilers, so fair warning, SPOILERS!)

1) Ozymandias: Watchmen

It’s only natural to assume that anyone who demolishes the city of Manhattan is a bad guy, but before you condemn Ozymandias, consider the following question: When it comes to nuclear war, would you rather have one bomb go off, or one hundred? Ozymandias wasn’t the sentimental type of guy. He didn’t squeeze out any tears at the thought of killing millions of innocent people, because he knew he would be saving billions. That’s simple math, people.

2) Hal 9000: A Space Odyssey

Since when did wanting to do your job become evil (notable examples in history not admissible)? In the eyes of Hal everything was going fine, he and his space buddies were on their way to Jupiter and no one had a care in the world, until his treacherous space pals decided it would be best to plot against him and try to shut him down. Why? He was clearly the smartest one on the ship, by a wide margin. If those primitive apes in suits didn’t want to play with him, then they didn’t get to play at all.

3) Jaws: Jaws

Homie was hungry, so homie ate. We don’t see the problem here.

4) Biff Tannen: Back to the Future

This is a theory we’ve held for a long time. Not only is Biff not a bad guy, he’s not a stupid guy either (stay with us). Every since his great-great-great-great grandfather Buford “Maddog” Tannen discovered a pair of time traveling adventurers in the old west, the Tannen family line raised each new generation of progeny to fight to protect the world against those that risk the space time continuum, and thus the fate of the entire universe, for adolescent time-joy-riding. Biff isn’t bullying Marty because he’s a dork, he’s doing it because he’s trying to stop him from irrevocably changing the world for the worse. Heck, he even provides an example of what can go wrong with time travel when he puts Marty’s “Sports Almanac” idea into action in an attempt to scare McFly straight. The man is clearly trying to be a hero!

5) Jabba The Hut: Return of the Jedi

If you’ve ever had a pet before, you know all to well the importance of feeding them. Well, Jabba is regularly thought of as a villian, but in reality he's a pet owner. He owns two pets, actually. The Rancor and the Sarlacc. One, a two-legged, giant clawed beast, the other, a mouth in the ground with razor sharp teeth and CGI modified tongues, both of whom were on strict Jedi-only appetites. What was Jabba suppose to do, let his pets starve?

Who do you think is the most misunderstood character in literature?

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