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Science Explains: Why Werewolves Are Better Than Vampires

What’s this, you say? Some whippersnappers are claiming that vampires are better than werewolves? The first thing that comes into my crotchety old mind is “Youths!” But then I went and consulted with my Big Hallowed Book of Science, and came up with a much more articulate argument as to why werewolves are scientifically better than vampires.

(Oh, and when asked if you should pick Spike or Angel, the clear answer is Oz.)

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Abbey Clarke

Abbey Clarke is a writer and editorial assistant living in Jersey City. She's a player on a D&D podcast called Knife Errant, wrote her senior thesis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is working on a novel about a semi-reformed demon who runs a library. You can follow her on Twitter at @abbeybookaholic.

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