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Science Explains: Why Werewolves Are Better Than Vampires

By Abbey Clarke Nov 20, 2013

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What’s this, you say? Some whippersnappers are claiming that vampires are better than werewolves? The first thing that comes into my crotchety old mind is “Youths!” But then I went and consulted with my Big Hallowed Book of Science, and came up with a much more articulate argument as to why werewolves are scientifically better than vampires.

(Oh, and when asked if you should pick Spike or Angel, the clear answer is Oz.)

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Abbey Clarke

Abbey Clarke is a writer and editorial assistant living in Jersey City. She's a player on a D&D podcast called Knife Errant, wrote her senior thesis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is working on a novel about a semi-reformed demon who runs a library. You can follow her on Twitter at @abbeybookaholic.

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