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The Geek World's Greatest Scientists


19. Doctor Octopus

The awesomely named Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus) has a backstory that nearly all geeks can identify with. As a child, he was bullied heavily for his intellectual talents, but ultimately rose above his modest working class upbringing to become one of the foremost nuclear physicists in the world. The sting of all that bullying took its toll, though, and when a radiation leak later fused his bad-ass experimental robotic tentacles to his body, he found it difficult not to use his newfound technological powers to lash out against the world that had abused him for so long. It's sad that the powers of evil had to take ahold of a mind that could have enriched the world greatly, but on the positive side, it's pretty awesome to see those mechanical tentacles destroying everything in sight!

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