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Humans Take Flight!

Humans Take Flight!

Humans can’t fly. This is a fact that most people believe. The logic is sound. There is plenty of evidence to back it up. Yet, there are still a handful of individuals who will question this fact. Every generation, certain men and women will challenge past precedent with the belief that something new and extraordinary can occur. These are the brave dreamers who make the world a better place by refusing to believe science. We salute those who have achieved flight with this collection of insane videos!

Since then, human flight attempts have progressed quite a bit. Or, at the very least, they look a lot cooler. The jetpack in this next video may not travel very far… but it is a JETPACK! Even if it costs thousands of dollars, this has to be the BEST way to travel from the couch to your fridge. And did we mention that it’s a real-life JETPACK!? JETPACK!!

A flying machine that looks much more primitive than the prior yet can actually cover distance is the Fred Flinstone Glider. Unfortunately, for as smooth as the glider’s takeoff is, its touchdown must be equally as rough. And it really isn’t considered flying until you can land.

FINALLY! Man figured out flight and it turns out that secret was simple: less is more! Theres no need for motors, propane, wooden frames, or glue. All that’s required is a little bit of fabric and a complete disregard for your own life. You hear that kids!? You probably have all those components at home! And look how much fun everyone is having! Feel free to try for yourself. JK, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

Once humans begin to fly, it seems that they become more comfortable in the air than on the ground. Also, sometimes they race. And these races, the fastest one doesn't always win... sometimes the smartest one does!

Now, this next video is included as a special gift to you, internet fans. It has all the elements that you love: Cats, R. Kelly, Stupid Newscasters, and Terrible Puns! But before you get your hopes up, we’ll let you down gently by prefacing that it IS, indeed, too good to be true.

Now, for our grand finale, we’d like to present a man who not only achieved flight, but took it to a whole new level! The “human jet” you’re about to watch is on par with fighter pilots. He makes eagles look like amateurs! He’s a human transformer! Enjoy…

How do you fly?

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