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20 Things That Geeks are Thankful For in 2013

Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick is living proof that you can be stylish and still be a total frickin' nerd. He hosts Talking Dead, the discussion show that follows The Walking Dead every week on AMC, and is also the creator of one of the cooler geek-oriented sites on the net, Nerdist. If you follow him on Twitter, you probably know that he is one of the cooler, most down-to-earth geek celebs out there, and that's definitely a check in his win column.

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Matt Heckler

Matt Heckler is a writer, book critic, musician, movie nerd, sci-fi aficionado, and awesome beard haver from Chicago. When he isn't writing for The MindHut, he is drinking tasty beverages and working on his first novel. Follow him on Twitter @androiddreamer!

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