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Science Explains: Why is Justin Bieber Always Squinting?

Justin Bieber is Constantly on the Verge of Tears for Some Reason

Some scientists agree with the premise that Bieber is constantly about to burst into tears, but they don't buy that it's the onions alone that are responsible. Some suggest he has a hormonal imbalance that causes pregnancy-level mood swings (this would actually explain a lot about the Biebs). Some think he is just emotionally overwhelmed by the love of his fans. Some think that he carries around a giant hole of emptiness that no amount of fame and money can fill. Some think he simply stubs his toes a lot. The exact cause of Bieber's ever-imminent sob-fest is unknown at this time, but as you can see from this unaltered close-up of him, there is plenty of evidence that he has lachrymose tendencies.

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