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Science Explains: Why is Justin Bieber Always Squinting?

Justin Bieber's Bling is Much Too Shiny

Okay, we'll give you a second here to behold the insanity that is this photo. It's definitely a lot to take in. But it represents a real problem in Bieber's life: a severe addiction to bling. We've seen this problem escalate over the years, and now it's finally gotten to the point where Justin is wearing insane metal wings and a white suit that looks like it was barfed onto him by the 1980s. In this instance, he had the foresight to wear sunglasses to take the edge off, but he often wears bling irresponsibly, with no protection whatsoever from the glare of such reflective surfaces. We can only hope he turns himself in to Bling Anonymous before he loses his sight entirely.

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