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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer IS HERE!!!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer IS HERE!!!

Columbia Pictures

Guys, gals, and every other living thing on the planet... drop what you're doing RIGHT NOW. The trailer for the next Amazing Spider-Man movie just arrived! We've unpacked it, blown the excess packing peanuts off of it, made a fort out of the box it came in, and are ready to ogle at the ACTUAL THING. We'll give you a moment to pop some corn and grab your nearest blanky. All good? Okay. Here we go!

Whoa. A lot going on here. Let's see... Peter's being stalked by Oscorp. Harry Osborne is super emo. And there's a blue guy threatening to turn off the lights in Times Square.

Lot's of secrets to be revealed, too! Like the nefarious plans of Oscorp and AN UNDERGROUND LAB THAT COMES OUT OF A HIDDEN RETRACTABLE SUBWAY CAR. That's already on our Xmas list, BTDubs.

We're on board!

Do you think the new Spider-Man movie will be as good as the first?

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