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Top 6 Doctor Who Holiday Episodes


Over the years Doctor Who has used the holiday season as a backdrop for many unforgettable episodes and every year Whovians get excited when the Christmas special is announced. As we prepare to say goodbye to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in this month’s Christmas episode “The Time of the Doctor” we decided to look back at the top holiday episodes from the show so far!

Kicking off our list is last year’s “The Snowmen.” This episode brought back an enemy we hadn’t seen since the 1968 Second Doctor episode “The Web of Fear,” the Great Intelligence, and introduced us to another version of Clara Oswald, the mysterious girl we first met in the series 7 premiere “Asylum of the Daleks.” These two aspects alone make this episode a classic, but to make it even better our favorite trio Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax also appear.  Plus we’ll never look at a snowman the same way again!

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