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Top 6 Doctor Who Holiday Episodes


The two-part episode “The End of Time” is not your traditional holiday special, but it makes this list because it’s the beginning of the end for David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and we see the return of some beloved characters like Donna Noble and her grandfather Wilfred Mott.

The episode starts with Mott saying the Doctor’s return would make his Christmas and of course, he gets his wish! The first part of this episode aired on Christmas Day and the second on New Year’s Day. The holiday season is a great backdrop to this bittersweet end to Tennant’s era. It lets us say goodbye to old friends he’s met throughout his time as the Doctor when he revisits familiar faces like Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, Captain Jack Harkness, and of course Rose Tyler.

This fantastic episode is made even better by the fact that at the end of part two we first set eyes on Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor!

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