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Grace Hopper, Queen of Computers, is 107 Today!

Grace Hopper, Queen of Computers, is 107 Today!

If you've been on Google today, you saw a doodle of a woman sitting at a VERY OLD computer. That happens to be an illustration of the FIRST computer, the Mark 1 at Harvard, and today is the birthday of one of the most amazing women ever to have worked in the field of computers, Grace Hopper, who was instrumental in that machine's development. Known as the "Queen of Software" she was as charming and elloquent as she was smart. Check out this vintage video clip of her on the old David Letterman show. You're about to get a grandma-crush!

Question: How insanely awesome is she!? Answer: INFINITY.

There'll never be another one like 'ol Grace. Happy birthday, Queen of Software!

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