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Sesame Street Does LoTR Perfectly

Sesame Street Does LoTR Perfectly

It's like a pop-culture rite of passage, the Sesame Street parody. And the greatest thing about them is that they pay tribute to the original work while being funny WITHOUT any snark whatsoever. That is almost impossible these days and that's what makes it so grsh drrn refreshing! Grab yourself some elevenses and snuggle up to the screen for some Middle Earth goodness via the good people at public television.

Of course we have something to say about it:
- Wonder if they borrowed Peter Jackson's cinematographer for the "falling cookie" shot?
- Gobble succumbed to the undeniable power of the semi-sweet chocolate morsel.
- Was this written by J.R.R. Tollhouse? HAHAHAHAHAHA... yikes. Sorry, about that.
- One dessert to rule them all... heh heh... Where'd we put those Pepperidge Farms again?
- We've always suspected that Galadriel was hiding a secret passion for baking!
- Are we the only ones that want to see Cookie Monster perform all of The Silmarillion solo?
- If it was us, we wouldn't make it past the cookie dough stage.

As a bonus, you need to click on the Hungry Games parody and watch that as well. And may the cookies be ever in your flavor.

What do you want to see parodied on Sesame Street?

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