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Create Your Own Captain America Tree Skirt!

With Our Powers Combined


If you’ve added your ornaments and decorations around your Christmas tree but still feel like it needs something a little geeky to make it complete, then A & J of With Our Powers Combined have just the thing!

Try making this Captain America tree skirt to show your superhero pride. The colors make it a perfect fit for the holiday and fellow geeks will understand how awesome it is when the gifts disappear from under the tree and the star it revealed!

Follow these steps to make your own and then send us pictures of your finished craft.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- 1 yard red felt (72")
- 1/2 yard white felt (72")
- 1/4 yard blue felt (72")
- 1 dollar store tree skirt (one used is 42" across)
- Pins
- Cardboard
- Sewing materials
- Star & circle pattern pieces (provided here)

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