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What Kind of Dangerous Woman Are You?

What Kind of Dangerous Woman Are You?

The much-anticipated anthology Dangerous Women has finally been unleashed upon bookshelves of the world. It features 21 stories about kickass ladies, ranging from villainous harpies to bold warriors. The only things every character has in common is a double-X stamped up in their DNA, and the ability to stomp butts wherever they roam. Think you can measure up to these fictional firebrands? Then lay into this quiz and discover what kind of dangerous woman YOU are!


1. What is your best subject in school?

a) Phys Ed. My peers quake at the mere thought of facing off against me in dodgeball.

b) History and literature. It's amazing what you can find in a long-forgotten book.

c) Every subject is my best subject. Not to brag, but I'm a Holmes-level mental marvel. (Okay, I'll brag a little).

d) Performance arts. I can really disappear into a character, and I'm a straight-up legend on the debate team.


2. What do you look for in a significant other?

a) Someone who isn't intimidated by unstoppable forces of nature, like hurricanes, earthquakes, and ME.

b) I dig freethinkers who aren't afraid of going against the grain if it feels right.

c) I have no idea. Love is not rational, and therefore completely out of my wheel house.

d) Pfft, "significant other"? Commitment is not for me. I simply look for what's fun in the moment, and that could be anything depending on my mood.


3. What is your spirit animal?

a) Bull. I don't take crap from anybody.

b) Owl. I'm silent, perceptive, and deadly.

c) Cat. I think ahead, and always land on my feet.

d) Chameleon. I can change myself to fit my environment.


4. A bunch of vampires kidnap your best friend, and imprison her in an underground catacomb. What do you do?

a) Smash the vamps to pieces with my bare hands. Problem solved.

b) Ug, vampires are ridiculously easy to entrance. I'd hypnotize them and walk my pal right out under their stupid noses. Piece of cake.

c) Calculate the dimensions and condition of her cell, then dislodge a crucial foundation stone. This'll expose her undead captors to the sun. I'll have her back home before noon.

d) Blend in with the vampires, and break her loose when they aren't looking. Sayonara, bloodsuckers.


5. What is your destiny?

a) To save the world, dummy.

b) To bridge dimensions and worlds.

c) To learn everything. That's right. All the things.

d) To have fun, no matter the cost.


If you answered mostly As, you are a Warrior: Like Buffy Summers, Brienne of Tarth, or Beatrix Kiddo, you are a high-octane blast of whoop-ass. You're not scared to take on opponents far bigger than you, because you are a living, breathing tornado of moxie. Like real-life warriors Joan of Arc, Tomoe Gozen, and Artemisia of Caria, you prove that "fighting like a girl" is a phrase to be feared, not mocked.

If you answered mostly Bs, you are a Witch: As Willow Rosenberg and Hermione Granger clearly illustrate, magic is so much more than a lame parlor trick: it's a way of life. You believe there is more to the universe than meets the eye, and you'll never be satisfied living your days on one measly plane of existence. Though the path you walk may sometimes be lonely, you'll ultimately enchant everyone around you. Because magic? It's contagious.

If you answered mostly Cs, you are a Mastermind: Well, duh, you already knew you were a Mastermind because you read MindHut. But we mean that you are a bonafide intellectual giant, with a Sherlock-style mind palace stocked to the brim with useful information. You are a book worm, a math geek—an all-around savant. In fact, you are always so far ahead of everyone that you already guessed that this was the answer you'd get in this quiz. Clever girl.

If you answered mostly Ds, you are a Trickster: You are a special type of dangerous, because you never know whether a trickster is reppin' good, evil, or something in-between. You are incredibly magnetic and persuasive, and find it easy to play the role of puppet-master in a crowd. But as opposed to backing lofty causes, you live for fun, indulgence, and the creation of epic stories. You have zero regard for the future, and live entirely in the moment. Sure, you may leave a serious wake of destruction in your path, but nobody can argue you aren't a good time.

What kind of dangerous woman are you? 

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