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The Sparkitors Review the World's Grossest Food: Survivalist Edition

Josh says: From the bubbling and hissing of the "warming pouch" and its general gloopiness, I was ready for a wretch-inducing beef experience. Happily, it did not deliver on that front. While it was not "Asian" in any way, it was only as offensive as a can of Dinty Moore stew. And I have fond memories of Dinty Moore. Barf averted! A-

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Melissa Albert

Melissa Albert reads books, worries about other people’s dogs (they look thirsty), and eats horrible candy for fun and profit. When not wearing her extremely tasteful Sparkitor hat, she’s an editor for the Barnes & Noble Book Blog. You can find her on Twitter @mimi_albert, or in the hot pretzel section of your local cafeteria.

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