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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Produce Film Adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Produce Film Adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman

This news is not a rumor and it’s not an illusion. It’s straight from Twitter! The long dreamed-of film version of Neil Gaiman’s definitive comic book series Sandman seems to finally be happening.

Boy-next-door and rising Hollywood mega-player Joseph Gordon-Levitt posted on his Twitter page today that Sandman is GAME ON.

The news came in two tweets, the first of which mentioned David Goyer (writer for all the Christopher Nolan Batman films and Man of Steel) Warner Bros. and the interesting hashtag #Prelude. This may refer to this film being an adaptations of issues 1-8 of Sandman, since those are collected in anthology format under the title Preludes & Nocturnes.

This could mean not just one Sandman film, but possibly a whole series.

In the current Hollywood tentpole model of films, this makes a bit of sense as franchises seem to be more marketable and viable in the longterm than one-off films. Whereas a sequel in the 20th century was probably bad news, a sequel in the present film economy is a much better bet. For this reason, Sandman might be the best Gaiman creation of them all to turn into a film franchise, simply because there’s so much damn material.

If Gordon-Levitt and his influential cronies like Goyer can get big backing behind it, there’s no reason to believe we couldn’t see a long-running Harry Potter-style series of movies.

Whether Jospeh Gordon-Levitt will be in the movies remains to be seen. Who would be play anyway? Certainly not, Dream? Right? (Then again, NO ONE saw his secret role in The Dark Knight Rises coming either!)

(News via The Verge)

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