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We Rank the Doctor Who Regenerations, Worst to Best

Tim Drury from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


4. “The Night of the Doctor”

It may have only been six minutes long, but "The Night of the Doctor" is the ultimate Whovian's fantasy. The Eighth Doctor finally gets his own regeneration scene, courtesy of the Sisterhood of Karn, previous mentioned in the classic story "The Brain of Morbius." A tough Doctor who has been through just about everything decides to allow the Sisterhood to regenerate him forcefully, deciding it was time to become the Doctor the universe needed to put an end to the Time War. The Doctor also mentions his past companions from the Big Finish Audios, thus making his series of audios actually 100% canon, which is awesome for those of us who love 'em. It also happens to be a great story that convincingly portrays the way the Time Lords are seen by the universe during the war, despite the brief runtime. More awesome in 6 minutes than “The End of Time” had in two hours!

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