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The 2nd Annual SparkLife/MindHut IHOP Field Trip!

Every year at the end of December, a jolly man in a bright red zippy whisks everyone who is left in the SparkLife and MindHut offices out the door and down the street to the local IHOP for copious amounts of coffee and flat, sugary discs covered in goo. It's a tradition that's as old as the hills! Provided that "the hills" are two years old. BEHOLD, the 2nd annual SparkLife/MindHut IHOP field trip! 

This year, we see the return of Phil_LT and Josh, who are joined by Aussie newcomer Janet Manley. Will Phil behave himself and order pancakes this year? Will Janet understand the American notion of covering things in syrup? Will Josh make a fort out of the cushions of the IHOP booth seats? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!?

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