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We Want YOU To Go To The FaerieCon!

We Want YOU To Go To The FaerieCon!

We here at MindHut and SparkLife try to cover all the Cons, everywhere, all the time. But because our hands, fingers, and toes aren’t made of gold coins, we can’t afford to blanket every single Con with our patented MindHut/SparkLife Con-Drones. Every year, Seattle hosts one of the most unusual and awesome Cons called FaerieCon. It is the "largest gathering of faerie artists and authors in the world," as they describe on their website, it looks like a total blast, and we’re looking for a Mastermind or Sparkler to cover it for us.

So, what do we need from you? First, you need to live in or near the Seattle area. Second, you need to make sure that your schedule is clear from February 21st through the 23rd of this year. Third, we want to hear about why you think you'd be the best… nay, the ONLY person that should cover this event for us!

Write up your proposal and send it to us at and maybe you will be our very special, VIP, super awesome FaerieCon West 2014 correspondent!

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