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Levitation is Possible Through Sound Waves!

Levitation is Possible Through Sound Waves!

You guys, this is going to make your head hurt, so sit down. And not just because this is about sound waves, but because this will BLOW YOUR MIND. In the video below, scientists in Japan have created a "workspace" (not sure what kind of actual work you'd get done there) where small particles are lifted, levitated indefinitely, and moved back and forth. With sound. Watch this insanity.

So, let's get this straight, science-doctor-people: the sound waves surround the particles kind of like how one might take two jump ropes and wrap them around opposite sides of a sibling's neck, then throw said sibling to and fro (theoretically, of course)?


We are finally living in the future. We're booking all of our travel plans through Bose from now on!

What uses do you think this crazy thing is going to have in the future?

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