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The 20 Most Underrated Characters in Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Part of what makes a great show into a huge success is the strength of the characters. It doesn’t matter how cool the plot is, if it happens to people you’re not invested in, it just falls flat. Luckily, we are really in a golden age of character-driven TV. Unfortunately, there are a handful of really great characters on amazing TV shows that just get overshadowed by the bigger stars or the characters with more of an immediate WOW factor. To pay tribute to those underloved, we made a list of twenty of the most under-appreciated characters in sci-fi and fantasy.

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Matt Heckler is a writer, book critic, musician, movie nerd, sci-fi aficionado, and awesome beard haver from Chicago. When he isn't writing for The MindHut, he is drinking tasty beverages and working on his first novel. Follow him on Twitter @androiddreamer!

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