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Lucy Lawless

The butt-kicking Amazonian goddess known as Lucy Lawless has enough geek cred to buy herself a third world country, but the star of Xena: Warrior Princess and BattleStar Galactica is still all over TV and cable, most notably on Spartacus as Lucretia and Parks and Recreation, where she got a chance to stretch her comedic muscle. The star is also quite active with several charities, including the Starship Children’s Health Hospital and others from her native New Zealand. Also in 2012, the brave star protested along with five other Greenpeace members aboard an oil drilling ship for 77 hours before it was set to leave for the Arctic to take part in oil exploration, and was arrested for the incident. Shell Oil even tried unsuccessfully to have the protestors fined and jailed for over ten years! Lawless said of the experience, “I consider it a great victory that the court has struck down the reparation demand from Shell, which I think was absolutely ludicrous”.

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