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6 More Geek Meccas to Go to Like Now

6 More Geek Meccas to Go to Like Now

Ladies and Gentlemen, Time Lords and Seekers, LARPers and Gamers—welcome aboard. We’ve planned your next vacation for you. Stow those tray tables and get those seatbacks in their upright positions (or don’t, we never really understood what that was all about anyway)—because here’s an all-new list of geek meccas to which you may pilgrimage. Pack light. Go hard.

Based in Atlanta, D*Con is a sci-fi and fantasy convention that might not be as much of a household name as, say, the San Diego ComicCon, but it’s got nearly 28 years of street cred so there’s that. And it's totally awesome. 2013 boasted workshops and fan tracks in everything from special-effects makeup to the Stargate multiverse. Mark your calendars and start your engines for August 29, 2014.

Doctor Who Studios
Ever stood outside in your backyard straining to hear the TARDIS sounds and wishing you could be the next companion? Um, yeah. We haven’t either. (Lies!) But maybe the next best thing is The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay, Wales where you can go behind the scenes and live your time-traveling dreams. Get all up in a Dalek’s business; see David Tennant’s TARDIS set; and check out costumes, artifacts, and more from the show.

Lucasfilm Headquarters and Rancho Obi-Wan
Full disclosure: There’s not a ton to do at Lucasfilm headquarters except pay homage at the Yoda fountain and breathe the same air as the geniuses that brought you Ewoks. More full disclosure: you must be a member of Rancho Obi-Wan (an interactive experience featuring the largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia ever) in order to book a tour with owner Steve Sansweet. But if you happen to be a die-hard Star Wars fan and in the San Francisco area, it could be a very worthwhile double-header.

Wyrd Con
While it’s only five years old, this is one Con worth you're time if you’re into storytelling of any kind (LARP, transmedia, costuming, etc.). Plus, if you get in now on the ground floor, in 10 years you can be like “Um, I’ve been going to Wyrd Con since the beginning so I KNOW what I’m talking about.” This year's Wyrd Con Five will be held in L.A. over Memorial Day weekend.

Quidditch World Cup
Brooms up! Held in Myrtle Beach, the IQA World Cup is a tournament of quidditch teams. Yes, quidditch. Yes, the game from Harry Potter. No, humans still can’t fly. But! The game IS played on brooms and looks pret-ty intense. It’s probably not the ONLY reason you should head to South Carolina, but cool one-day road trip? Get after it.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
Hang on to your hadron collider and get your science pants on—this is the world’s biggest particle physics laboratory even though you probably knew that already. You won’t be able to see the Large Hadron Collider, though, if you visit it—so just get that out of your head now (You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir! [sorry, couldn’t resist]). Still,  CERN has permanent exhibitions you can check out, including the “Universe of Particles”, as well as guided tours. Plus, hello? Switzerland.

Which geeky mecca would you visit first?

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