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20 Beautifully Geeky Lip Art Designs

Eva Senín Pernas


What if you could express your fandom love without saying a word? If you shared the skills of Eva Senín Pernas, known on deviantART as Chuchy5, you could! Her intricate lip art shows her passion for Disney, comics, and more without anything needing to be said.

Pernas is an interior architect, graphic designer and photographer who recently received her makeup artist title. She told the MindHut that she’s been creating lip art photos for almost two years and everything she knows about makeup she taught herself.

“I remember when my mom bought me a small eye shadow palette and a lip gloss when I was 15. That was the beginning of all this makeup obsession. I started trying simple makeups but the more I practiced, the more I wanted to try more difficult designs,” she said.

If you think these spider-man lips are impressive, check out these other amazing designs!

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