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A Tribute To Akira: The Greatest Anime Film of All Time!

If you ever come across a list of the top ten animated films of all time that does not include the 1988 Japanese anime masterpiece Akira, promptly wedge it between several sticks of Acme dynamite and blow it up. Put simply, Akira is a cinematic achievement like no other, and it can stand toe to toe with anything Disney or Pixar or anyone else has produced in the past gazillion and a half years. Produced just at the end of the era in which animated films were still drawn painstakingly by hand, this sprawling, cyber-punk epic, based on the Manga of the same name, is every bit as fresh as it was the day it hit screens back in 1988, and if you haven’t seen it, hopefully this collection of truly inspiring fan art will prompt you to kick it to the very top of your Netflix list. So without further ado, here is an exceptional collection of artists paying tribute to one of the most exceptional animated films of all time, the one, the only, AKIRA!

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