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We Have Found Our FaerieCon Correspondents!

We Have Found Our FaerieCon Correspondents!

As you may know, we here at SparkLife and The MindHut have decided to send one of YOU from the Sparkler community to this year's FaerieCon West in Seattle, Washington. FaerieCon is the premier con in the United States that covers all things magical, mystical, and faerie-like. After going through dozens of amazing submissions, we narrowed our search down to two and… we decided to send both!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that this year we are sending Madison Ruppel and Emily Potter to cover FaerieCon West 2014! Congratulations, Madison and Emily! We can't wait to read about your fairy-winged exploits and gaze jealously at your pictures of the magical, mystical American northwest!

Click here for more info on FaerieCon West. And tell us in the comments below what you'd like to see Madison and Emily cover!

If you could go to any con, which would it be?

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