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Faux-Egyptian Superhero-glyphics

Josh Lane


Ever wonder how the ancient Egyptians might have portrayed the Avengers or X-Men if they existed during their time? Well, designer and illustrator Josh Lane has provided an answer that will please history and comic book geeks alike!

Lane has created a series that explores what these classic characters would look like if portrayed in the style of ancient hieroglyphs, and it all started with a misread word.

“I tend to read very fast (which usually is a curse) but this time I read hieroglyphics as heroglyphics. I immediately started daydreaming about the possible hero scenarios and combinations,” Lane told the MindHut. “I picked the characters that I am quite fond of and also ones that I felt worked in the medium.”

As a result, he created the seven following prints that have the geek community buzzing!

Tags: art, the avengers, fan art, marvel entertainment, power rangers

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