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Terry Gilliam Has a New Movie... FINALLY!

Terry Gilliam Has a New Movie... FINALLY!

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For those of you out there who love the cult classics Time Bandits and Brazil (and, the much more popular Brad Pitt vehicle Twelve Monkeys), and have been wondering to yourselves "Man, I wonder where that amazing director went," well wonder no longer! Terry Gilliam, a one-time member of Monty Python, has a new movie coming out soon called The Zero Theorem. It stars Christoph Waltz (from Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained) and looks delightfully incomprehensible. Which is exactly how we like our Terry Gilliam. Check out the trailer!

We are left with as many questions as we are bright and shiny images, namely:
- Is "We" an actual person?
- Is this all a computer simulation?
- That's the future, right?
- Or maybe it's just an alternative version of our own reality?
- What's with the fifteen different accents?
- How does 0 equal 100%?
- Why is this video in 360p?!
- How is it hangin', indeed?

All important questions. And we're sure that few will be answered the way we expect.

Are you psyched for this movie?!

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