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The MindHut Guide to Visiting Exoplanets

HD 149026 b

Say you're the rare crazy-pants that thought Corot-7b was a little chilly for your liking. Well then you'll love HD 149026 b, because it's the hottest planet ever discovered. At an estimated 3,700 degrees Fahrenheit—three times hotter than Venus—HD 149026 b is the rare planet that actually siphons heat off its own star. This dynamic has resulted in the planet reflecting very little light, making it appear totally black (such a slimming color for a planet). It's also tidally locked with one face toward its sun (much like the moon's orbit), so there is huge disparity between the dark side of HD 149026 b, and the sun-kissed side. Talk about bipolar!

What to bring: Your last will and testament.

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