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The MindHut Guide to Visiting Exoplanets

ESO/L. Calcada


The Gliese 667c System

Say you're the exact opposite of the above traveler: you don't want chill, you want to be in the center of the galactic action. Well, my gregarious friend: Gliese 667C is the star for you. This solar family includes no less than THREE planets in its habitable zone. Because they orbit a red dwarf, these planets (667Cc-f) are tucked in fairly close to the star, and have years lasting 28, 39, and 62 days respectively. They're all just a wee bit bigger than the Earth, and get this: their parent star gravitationally dances with two other stars, putting three suns total in these lucky planets' skies.

What to bring: Alien etiquette guide; binoculars; notebook for awe-inspired poetry.

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