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The Geek World's Best/Worst Bullies

Cato and Clove - The Hunger Games

Most bullies try to kick your ass, but the deadly Cato and Clove will literally kill your ass. These two adolescent sadists were the most bloodthirsty of all the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games, but like most bullies, they eventually lead to their own undoing. After Cato’s gleeful reaction to killing the pint-sized Rue (bullies always go for the easy targets!), Thresh avenges her death by slamming her head against the Cornucopia multiple times (or with a big old rock, if you’re going by the movie version). In the end, Cato is one of the last tributes standing. But without anyone left to fight Katniss and Peeta with, the duo’s teamwork proves to be far too much for him, proving that when push comes to shove and you’re a total jerk bully, no one is going to be there to save you from a pack of mutated wolves.

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