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Disney Princesses as Airbender Characters!

Disney princesses are often the subjects of fan art, whether it’s a hilarious take on what they’d look like with beards or a creative re-imagining as World of Warcraft characters.
Illustrator Robby Cook isn’t letting the princesses have all the fun in his fan art though. Cook, known as racookie3 on deviantART, has created a collection of art showing what Disney characters from princesses to princes would look like if they lived in the Avatar universe of The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Cook told the MindHut that it all started as a random idea for a series he had one day.

“I really like doing mashups of things that I like. I've been a Disney fan all my life and I fell in love with the Avatar Last Airbender series,” he said. “Plus I really like taking Disney heroines and turning them into fierce characters with powers. In the past I've done Disney characters as Marvel characters.”

His choices for what each character would be in the Avatar world are extremely fitting. Pocahontas as an airbender for example is perfect. Can’t you just see her bending all the colors of the wind?

Find out where your favorite character belongs in the following images!

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